What is a life group?

LifeGroups are diverse small groups of like-minded people who are drawn together for a common purpose.

Some meet in homes, coffee shops, and some at the Ridgewood Main campus. Whether they talk over the weekend message, study a topic together, or serve in the community together, the groups take part in a shared, mutual interest.

One thing is for sure: LifeGroups are perhaps the best place to form strong relationships with other followers of Christ. 

Finding a lifeGroup

  • Decide what type of group you are looking for so you'll have the best chance of connecting with people.
  • Find groups that are a good fit: Search online or pick up information about individual groups at our main campus. 
  • Visit a group! Keep in mind that visiting a group doesn't mean you're committed to it, so if the first group you try doesn't fit, that's fine - just give another one a try!

Want to register for a LifeGroup? Sign up here!

Maybe you're already in a LifeGroup, check the schedules by looking below!


Lifegroup spotlight

Featured today is the 50+ lifegroup! They meet every 2nd + 4th Monday in our Activities Center. Each lifegroup enjoys community together,  they discuss  different biblical topics and how to apply it into their daily lives. If you are 50 years or older, this is the group for you!

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